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How To File a Claim For Life Insurance Benefits

Claim forms may be obtained from the Claims Office.  You should acquaint your beneficiary/beneficiaries with the fact that in the event of your death, they should contact your employer, and the Trust Fund administrator immediately. A claim form will then be forwarded with specific instructions as to how it is to be completed.

Before submitting the claim form, your beneficiary or Executor must ensure that all questions have been answered, that the claimant and the insured are clearly identified by full name, return mailing address, and the name of your employer and Union. Faulty or missing information will only result in a delay in processing the claim.

When the above has been completed, the form and all attachments are forwarded to the administrator.  
The claim will be validated by the administrator and forwarded to the insurance carrier for settlement.

Claim Forms


You will require the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free program and can be downloaded here.

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