Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our offices are closed however we are in communication electronically.
Please send all benefit and eligibility queries to: administration@bpagroup.com and all claim inquiries to: claims@bpagroup.com. Please ensure to include your full name, certificate number and reason for inquiry, all inquiries will be handled on a priority basis within 1 business day.Click here to read an important update from your Benefits Department.
Effective January 1, 2020, OHIP will no longer cover any portion of your medical costs while travelling outside of Canada.

Disability Exclusions and Limitations

No benefits are payable for:

  1. any day on which you are not under the care of a legally qualified physician or surgeon; no period of care shall be considered to have started until you have been seen and treated personally by a physician or surgeon;
  2. any day you are performing work of any kind, anywhere, for compensation or profit;
  3. any period of disability resulting from aesthetic or cosmetic treatments;
  4. during any leave of absence (including Maternity/Paternity Leave);
  5. the period of illness or injury for which benefits ought to be payable from Employment Insurance Sickness Benefit;
    any day you are receiving Disability Benefits, Early Retirement, or Retirement benefits under any Employer or Union sponsored pension plan;
  6. any day you are entitled to receive reimbursement under any Workplace Safety and Insurance law or similar legislation;
  7. any injury caused or contributed to by a Motor Vehicle Accident which occurs in Ontario or Quebec;
  8. any portion of a period of disability resulting from substance abuse, including alcoholism and drug addiction, unless you are participating in a recognized substance withdrawal program;
  9. any disability resulting from intentionally self-inflicted injuries, whether you are sane or insane;
  10. any disability resulting from voluntary participation in war, riot, rebellion or insurrection;
  11. the portion of a period of disability during which you are imprisoned in a penal institution or confined in a hospital or similar institution as a result of criminal proceedings;
  12. disability which commences on or after the date a strike begins, subject to any provincial Employment or Labour Standards Act.  However, you can fulfill your Qualifying Disability Period during a strike.

 The Trust Fund does not reimburse any physician charges associated with the completion of claim forms.

Claim Forms


You will require the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free program and can be downloaded here.

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